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Power Club

Our vision is to build a parallel system for lifelong learning where every teenager can truly maximise their potential.

Every kid, every teenager has extraordinary superpowers that need to be protected and nurtured. We imagine a future where every young mind:

  • is enabled with the skills they require to steer their future to the best possible outcomes
  • is empowered to discover their passion, nurture their unique super powers
  • is equipped to figure out the career pathways to live a fulfilling life

The highest leverage that education can provide is taking the individual closer to realising their potential. Building a new education system is one of the hardest problems of our generation. We owe it to our future generations to move the needle. We believe it's our moral obligation to be the change and drive the change that matters to us so much.

The legacy we want to leave behind as an organisation is of changing the status quo of the education landscape across the globe.

Our Vision in Action

A learning ecosystem for unconventional teens

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