Sept 26TH, 2020

Discover your child’s creative potential

Where every child is a creator

Premier online programs for 6-12 years olds

Build future-ready skills

Explore through role play

Learn with peers

Not all lessons are taught in school

An outcome-based education system lays emphasis on exams, marks and competition that wears down a child’s natural curiosity and imagination.

Uable’s 5C skill framework takes children beyond the barriers and in the process:

  • Fuels their curiosity
  • Develops future-ready skills
  • Unlocks their hidden potential

It’s a playground for every child’s imagination and creation!






Endless possibilities for every child

Play is the most effective way to develop skills. Uable takes a unique role-play based approach that enables every child to:

  • Discover their passion
  • Build real world skills
  • Create a portfolio of amazing projects

Uable’s programs are spread across the most important learning areas of STEAM. By being a Detective, Entrepreneur, Coder, etc, a Uable child will experience it all and develop his interests to the maximum potential through our advanced pathways.




Play is fun when you have friends

For every Tom Sawyer there is a Huckleberry Finn. Uable connects peers from all over the world and then, magic happens! Our unique social learning approach empowers every child to:

  • Work in teams and collaborate
  • Learn with like-minded peers
  • Get inspired from each others’ work and ideas

All of this through our small-group learning environment facilitated by passionate Uable mentors, who are themselves like friends more than teachers.

Watch Uable in action