What is Uable?

Uable develops future-ready skills like creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and consciousness in children through live, online, small group learning experiences. These learning experiences are based on our unique real-life role-play based pedagogical approach. Every role-play based program is conducted in an interactive environment with four to six learners and our world-class facilitators. Uable has an amazing set of role-based programs, and its advanced pathways available right away, with new programs launching very soon. 

Children from all over the country come together, build projects, solve real-life problems together, and have fun in the process. Parents will see transformative development in their skills and interests through these programs. Unlike any other experience, on Uable, children find themselves becoming makers, creators, thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders.

What are future-ready skills? Why are they important?

We categorise the skills that will help children thrive in an uncertain future of work and life into our 5C framework: Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Consciousness. These skills include everything from curiosity, imagination, original thinking, sense of inquiry, logical thinking & analysis, first-principles approach to solving problems, articulate communication, teamwork and softer personality aspects like ability to handle failure, sense of purpose, self-awareness and many others.

The importance of these skills goes beyond academics, as they enable every child to find their expression in the world and thrive in whatever challenge they pick in life, at any age.

Why should we focus on these skills at an early age?

Neurocognitive development of the human brain peaks between 6 – 14 years of age and post 18 years, the development of executive functions, memory, etc. hits a plateau. This is, therefore, the most important age to enhance their exposure to these skills and help them develop holistically.

NASA conducted a famous study on the ‘creative genius’ of children and found that while for 4-year-olds, creative genius was at 98%, it dropped down to 15% by the time they turned 18. This is because as we enter adulthood, we are only exposed to content and information and not enabled to create, think and collaborate as much as we should.

Why does Uable use a role-play based approach to develop these skills?

These are real-life skills, and through a long period of research and development, team Uable found that experiential hands-on engagement with real-life roles develops these skills in the most efficient manner. Academic subjects focus on content and uni-directional development while the real-life roles that children play in our collaborative environments give room for multi-dimensional development.

These roles are inter-disciplinary and so they help develop academic skills and children display an improvement in everything that they do. Moreover, role-play is fun for children – this ensures that at a Uable session, a child is never disengaged.

What if my child likes one role a lot? Can they continue the same?

Great question! If a Uable learner has a preference for one role over the others, we have an option of advanced programs in the same role. The advanced program will help them explore higher-order problems, challenges and projects in that role and develop their interests and talents further

Are advanced programs always available for each role?

Advanced programs become available based on the foundation roles completed and the learner’s interest. Our top priority is to give the best experience at all times and match every learner with the right peer group so that the sole result is effective learning.

Is Uable a year-long program?

Your Uable journey will be as long as you’d like. Ideally, we would love to have every Uable learner with us for a long time and be a part of the decisions they take for their future.

The Uable learner can start with one role and go through advance pathways of that role or pick a new role and take a program under that. Uable has a continuous process of adding new programs. It’s an experience unparalleled – a journey through which children seek out adventures and learn from them.

How do you enable hands-on learning on Uable?

We do this in two ways – first, we use a range of online tools to make sessions and problem-solving projects interactive. Second, we send learning kits home for roles where children must engage their motor skills to build projects – in electronics, making art, etc. These kits will be delivered to the residence of Uable learners before the role begins.

Is Uable aligned to a school curriculum?

No, the Uable curriculum is not aligned with any specific board or school curriculum. It’s all about real-life role-based engagement through a series of activities, problems, challenges and projects using technology and hands-on learning. Our curriculum has been designed in-house and in collaboration with experts from around the world to re-imagine skill development for children.

How are you assessing children?

Uable is not about marks and ranks but absolute growth for every child based on the 5C skills. Our assessments and observations are carefully and scientifically designed around the 5C skills and the projects that children do. As a parent, you will get to see the detailed portfolio of work and reports on 5C development on every role for your child.

Who are your facilitators?

Our facilitators are passionate educators who are experts in their fields and are aligned with Uable’s philosophy of inquiry-based playful learning rather than instruction-driven information dissipation. You will find Artists, Engineers, Mathematicians, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, and others from various walks of life as Uable facilitators.

What will be common among them all, is the belief of learner-centric skill development and leading by example. They are not teachers who command a classroom, but friends who facilitate learning through questions and nudges.

How is a Uable session conducted?

Uable sessions are conducted online using a video conference tool called Zoom which is the most widely used platform for live video communications globally. It is a reliable and safe tool for children to use. These sessions are live and conducted in the presence of our facilitators. Joining sessions is as easy as the click of a link on your laptops.

How long is a Uable session?

Regular Uable sessions are 60 minutes long.

What are the timings for a Uable session?

We have regular programs running across various time slots. Our prime time slots on weekdays in the evening are 7:00 – 8:00 pm IST and 5:30 – 6:30 pm IST. In the summer, we have slots in the mornings and weekends for some programs. Parents can check with the team before enrollment on the time slots available for various role-based programs.

Are there one-on-one Uable sessions?

No, we do not conduct one-on-one sessions. Uable is all about collaborative group learning and we feel that future-ready skills like creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and consciousness are best developed in small group settings – not in large classrooms or one-on-one sessions. In our sessions, learners express themselves, work on problems together, build projects together and derive inspiration. It is social peer-based learning at its best.

Do you have offline sessions?

No, Uable’s real power is in the online collaboration between peers and the use of technology to enhance experiences. While we send and empower learners to use a lot of hands-on material to build projects, our sessions are conducted online. You will see children making everything from storybooks to rocket propellers to business plans and so much more.

Everything is focused on real-time, online, collaborative creation and problem-solving.

Can parents be part of a Uable session?

Of course…if your children let you!

These sessions are online, from home, and so parents can definitely witness the learning unfold. Uable learners, however, hold these experiences dear and might not want you entering their learning zone. 🙂

How many students are present in one program/session?

Uable sessions are highly interactive and collaborative in nature and that’s why we keep the groups small. You will find four to eight learners in a group with our facilitator depending on the age group. For those aged between 6 and 7 years, it will be a group of around four children, and for those aged between 12 and 14 years it will be a group of around eight children.

What are the minimum tech requirements for a Uable session?

Uable sessions are best taken on a laptop or a desktop with a web camera. A good internet connection is a must. While you can take our sessions on mobile devices like phones and tablets, laptops or desktops help you get the best out of our sessions.

Can I use a tablet or phone to join a Uable session?

Yes, for a one-off session, but for regular sessions and the best Uable experience, a laptop or desktop is a must.

What happens when a child is absent?

Uable sessions happen in the quantum of roles. For example, if a learner is taking six sessions on being an Author, and missed one session in between, our facilitators will help her get up to speed before the next class through a one-on-one session.

If it is a longer break, you can pause the Uable sessions at the end of one role-based program and start again.

What is the cost of these programs?

Uable believes in providing high flexibility to every child and parent to customise the learning journey. Whether it’s taking up new foundational roles or going deeper into some roles for advanced development, it will be the learner’s choice, guided by Uable and parents.

That’s why we haven’t priced each program differently. All you have to do is subscribe to “Uable Learning Packs” that start with as low as six sessions. On bigger subscription packs, you get financial benefits too. You can buy a number of sessions in multiples of 12 or 24 which you can redeem with any of the currently running programs (roles).

How do I pay for these programs?

Uable accepts digital payments including credit card, debit card, net banking & UPI. You will always find these options on our payment links.

What are the safety measures ensured by Uable for my child?

Safety and security are of prime importance to us. All live sessions happen in the presence of our facilitators who ensure that every child feels safe throughout the session. Information about all children lies solely with Uable and will not be divulged to any third party organisation.

How can I get in touch with team Uable?

We are always a WhatsApp text away on our Uable care number: +91 6366318218 and an email away at connect@uable.com

What is the refund policy?

Uable is all about bringing world-class learning experiences to every child. If at any point, you are unhappy with the quality or engagement, you can let us know and we will refund the remaining sessions pro-rated amount, no questions asked. All we will need is constructive feedback from you so that we can keep improving.