Coding gets a bad rep! You don't even realize but you are coding every day in your mind - you see a problem, you break it down into steps and follow them through to arrive at a solution! Coding fosters critical thinking and a growth mindset. Our Coding program is full of fun challenges and games that encourage children to apply their mind and solve everyday problems through programs and apps.

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Balance concepts and practice In Coding through different challenges

Problem Breakdown

Learn to break down a problem into simpler steps to simplify real life tasks.

Story Coding

Time to get creative and use your coding skills to tell a story!


Apply different coding concepts to create interactive animations.

Space Jam

Learn the coordinate system and build space themed games.

Score Board

Heat up the competition in a game by adding scores and points to it!

Slam Dunk!

Code a Basket Ball themed game and learn about the coordinate system.

Cat and Mouse

Explore game design and coding by creating the cat and mouse game.

Program Features


Future Ready

Develop skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and many others.


Live Learning

Facilitator-led learning conducted in small groups of 4-6 peers.


Designed by Experts

Immersive, exciting, hands-on, and playful sessions.

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